Diary of my Stitchery 
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Diary of my Stitchery 
Вступила 14.01.2016
О пользователе
I can only hope to create such beautiful pages of my stitchery, done over a 30 year time span now, while sadly enough, so many works of my stolen art must remain in my memory alone today, I will try to make my pages as beautiful as many of the others that have begun doing this here long ago.
God and writing, stitching and sewing, these are what I am passionate about in my life. God blessed me with some beautiful talents knowing that my later years would need a creative outlet of beauty to calm the inner stress's of extreme medical conditions, pain, and a loneliness I couldn't have predicted.
My needle and my thread, my fabric and my pink scissors and the pattern which will emerge such beauty as my fingers change the colors of the threads, this is what I live most of my days for. Pride has no place but to give back to God but joy and contentment as I look back at the fine details that I know my fingers created in such a perfectionist way, these are mine to bring a smile upon my face. But the truest joy, the deepest peace and the internal swelling of my heart as I look upon the smile of the face that just became my masterpieces owner, that is where I always want my life to be lingering around.
Kindness begets kindness and to gain as much knowledge and experience in this one area, thanking Him through every strife and trial, will be the smile I want to see on God's face as I become more and more like Him as He commanded us to do, then there will be happiness!
Abundant joy and happiness is how God wants His children to live. I have so very little family and so few friends due to my health keeping me inside way too much but God promised us, His children, that He would always give us what we will need to live in the happiness and in all the other ways that God wants for us. My life is not my poor health, its simply one part, just as my loneliness and such desires for more positive things, but He has done as He promised and gave me such wonderful talents with which keep me fully occupied and it is up to me alone to choose to think in ways of thanks, hope and happiness as I stitch through my days. This is me. I like me and hopefully so will some of the wonderfully talented people already here.
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